What is Club 77
Club 77 private fitness has been a part of Woosley Chiropractic, Rehab and Wellness for over 10 years. It is a private fitness center that is unique to the fitness industry. At Club 77,we provide equipment not found in any franchise gym. From machines especially designed for medical rehab of the spine, to equipment found in training rooms of professional athletic teams, we strive to exceed the needs of our members. We offer a variety of programs ranging from general conditioning and weight loss to sports specific conditioning and injury prevention. Our atmosphere is safe and friendly, where clients of all ages can maximize their time and efforts and reach their fitness goals. Whether you are a professional athlete or entertainer, or just want to train and look like one, we have the program for you! There are many reasons why people join a gym. Some are there to lose weight, some to become more functional in their everyday life by toning up. So the first question is what is your goal? The staff at Club 77 will teach you the safest and correct way to accomplish your objectives. But first, we don't want to just give you a standard routine. We will do a functional movement screening that will uncover movement patterns that must be corrected before jumping into a workout program. Otherwise your workout can do more harm than good. After addressing any weakness or faulty movement patterns found during the screening, you will advance to more aggressive workouts. Our caring personal training staff meets weekly to review client's progress and are continually learning how to improve their methods to better serve our members.